Halloween Screams its Way into Monday

Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

Halloween is right around the corner. TV stations are playing Halloween movies, people are carving pumpkins, and searching for the perfect costume.

For some people, this is their favorite time of the year, or it could be their least favorite.

According to History.com, Halloween is believed to have originated from with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. People would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.

A popular pastime on Halloween is Trick or Treating. A report in Today News reveals that the age people usually stop Trick or Treating ranges from age 12 to 17. Those who aren’t out collecting candy do things like go to Busch Garden’s Howl-O-Scream, hang out with friends, or hand out candy. This year, the day falls on a school night so some students may opt just to stay in, get homework done, and sleep.

“I don’t Trick-or-Treat anymore. I stopped two years ago. Now I usually go to Halloween themed parties where we all dress up and hang out,” said Senior Tony Varga.

“My favorite thing to do on Halloween is to dress my dog in a costume and go out trick or treating,” said freshman Bre Brown.

At ODA, Director of Fun, Mr. Brewer sets up a few events to get students into the spirit during the school day.

Pumpkin Chunkin is a game Mr. Brewer came up with where he buys mini pumpkins and two students toss them back and forth trying not to drop them. It is basically just an egg toss, but with a pumpkin.

Also every year students get to dress up for Halloween, and students participate in a costume contest during lunch.

“We like to award originality, and then look at the group costumes. Mr. Newham’s is very good with thinking of original costumes, not just the boring store bought ones. For the costume contest we have a panel of four judges, that are chosen at random during lunch,” said Director of Student Activities Mr. Brewer.

Don’t forget to dress up in your most original and unique outfit for Halloween. Interested in getting started now? Try Spirit Halloween on Tuttle, Halloween City on South Tamiami Trail, or Party City on Fruitville and Bee Ridge. See you Monday for the big day!