Thunder Cup Strikes Rivalries

Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

You’re new to the school. It’s just an ordinary Wednesday. All of a sudden you’re in the Thunderdome watching an intense game of musical chairs, while listening to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

Seniors have just won the game, and storm the gym screaming out of excitement.

This particular moment is important. There are points at stake. Thunder Cup points.

Thunder Cup points are a really good way to get students involved, and bring us all closer together, while competing.

“Thunder Cup started in 2006, and that was the first year that I was the Director of Student Activities. I had noticed other schools did these class competitions, and had little prizes, so I had the idea of doing it but making it a year long thing and giving the winners some kind of trip at the end of the year,” said Mr. Brewer, Director of Student Activities.

The prize? A trip to Adventure Island in May for the entire winning class.

The games vary from, Hanky Panky, Musical Chairs, Mystery Bag eating contests, lip syncing, Marshmallow Toss, and so many more.

“I think they are fun, because they are a great way for the school to come together. My favorite one to compete in is Musical Chairs, because I’m a back to back champion,” said Senior Kolbie Ward.


The school has competed in four different Thunder Cup events this year and as of right now the Seniors are dominating with 100 points. The sophomores are trying to catch up in second place with 55 points.

“I think Thunder Cup events are a fun way to bond with your grade, and to be able to win at the end of year. I think that the Seniors are going to stay winning for the rest of the year,” said Senior Lacey Eaden.

Although the Seniors do have a good lead, it isn’t hard for the other grades to catch up, it’s just the beginning of the year, and there is still a lot of time left to compete, and try to win the trip at the end of the year.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the next Thunder Cup event: Lip Syncing on October 5. To keep the excitement of Homecoming going through the whole week.

Want to be one of the chosen few? Keep an eye out for an email from Mr. Brewer with a sign up sheet.