Volleyball Sets Their Way into a New Season

Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

ODA is losing. The game is 2-0 in a match that is best 3 out of 5. By the third set, there has already been an out-of-rotation call, and a player hurt her ankle. Things were not looking good for ODA, but the team decided that there was no way their 3A team was going to let this 6A team beat them!

They didn’t.

ODA varsity volleyball season has started again, ready for the new season. For the team this year, less is definitely more. Last year the team consisted of fourteen players, but everyone didn’t seem to have their hearts in the game.

This year the team has changed their athletic district moving from a 4A sport to a 3A sport. This way, the team can dedicate more time  to playing and winning as much as they can.

The team was happy to switch districts this year, because it meant easier teams, and shorter bus rides.

Last year the team had at least two trips down to Fort Meyers a week to play, and had to miss a lot of school.

Having fewer players, and having played together all last season makes the team close.

The team knows how everyone acts when they are sad, or when they are happy, and it is actually a really helpful thing to have as a team

“I have really enjoyed playing with the smaller team this year, because we had last year to get used to playing with each other on the court,” said Senior Lacey Eaden.

This year having less can sometimes have its difficulties though because if someone’s tired, not giving it their all, or gets hurt, the team doesn’t have a player to switch out.

Considering this challenge Coach Betz has two JV players who play up with the team at times.

“I want to play with Varsity, but I want to play my position. I probably wouldn’t get to play much because Bre and Liberty play my position. It sucks a little that I don’t get to play where I want all the time, but I can’t really complain when I’m getting moved up,” said Freshman Gillette Baur.

Although the team may be small, the supporters aren’t. At home games the student section is amazing, and shows how much love students have for the team. This definitely gets the team fired up to win.

Also showing how much love people have for the team, there are a few fans that make sure they come to every single game, no matter what they have going on.

“I enjoy supporting my fellow classmates. I had baseball practice until eight the other night and still came to watch the end of the game,” said Senior Owen Ragsdale, and one of ODA volleyball’s biggest fans.

ODA volleyball has an exciting season, and the team looks forward to the rest of the season, killing it on the court.

To get more involved in what is happening with ODA volleyball, make sure you follow @odavball on Instagram, and come to the team’s future games;

  • Friday, and Saturday, September 9-10 (all day); Tournament at Keswick Christian
  • Tuesday, September 13, (6/7 pm); Home game vs. Sarasota Christian School
  • Saturday, September 17 (all day); Tournament at Charlotte High School
  • Thursday, September 22, (6/7 pm); Away game at St. Stephens
  • Monday, September 26, (6/7 pm); Away game at Bayshore
  • Thursday, September 29, (6/7 pm); Home game vs. Bradenton Christian School
  • Friday, September 30, (5/6/7 pm); Home game vs. Cardinal Mooney
  • Wednesday, October 5, (6/7 pm); Home game vs. Imagine NP (senior night)
  • Tuesday, October 11, (4:00 pm); Home game vs. SMA
  • Wednesday, October 12, (5/6/7 pm); Away game at Charlotte High School
  • Tuesday, October 18 (5/7 pm); District Semifinals at Sarasota Christian
  • Thursday, October 20 (7:00 pm); District Championships