Let’s Denigrate Political Correctness!

From wishing to ban Huckleberry Finn for the usage of the dreadful “n-word”, to belittling people when they utter simple adjectives such as black or white, the “political correctors” (PC for short) have become, as some could argue, a thorn in the side of normal and enjoyable conversation.

Political correctness is the avoidance of forms of expression that would offend or discriminate against any group or person. This can range from gender, race and types of attack helicopters. Some may believe that political correctness has been blown out of proportion, but belittling others for minuscule mistakes is a necessary step for peace.

Although not all would describe the word for color to describe someone’s race as derogatory, some certainly qualify words such as such. Please note that I am most certainly not “white,” and not even a “European-American.” And please don’t call me Caucasian, that is an extremely racist word! Shame on you if you do not identify me as “Russian-American” the first time we meet!

Many people know that I am most definitely not the person who abides by norms and political correctness, but hear me out. I will let my comedic talent speak for itself. Besides, we journalists put censorship as our worst enemy, which is even worse than lack of imagination on what to write about on Monday mornings.

The issue with certain terms is not about color, however. If an individual is attracted to a person of the same sex, then that individual is gay. This is a word that can be considered to be a mortal sin. Yes, you can call them homosexual as a long and politically correct definition, but using the “h-word” is not deadly.

Of course, I do not mean using vulgar words to describe people of different sexual views. As sad as it is to hear derogatory words being used today, it goes far beyond the line of appropriateness and far beyond the “where political correctness should be”, even for the article that is belittling political correctness.

But let’s be honest, especially the male population who is reading this – we are known for being “straightforward,” are we not? Are we always that polite when we are online? Do we always filter our speech and our conversation in order not to offend anyone? Sometimes it I find it fun to watch another raging Justice Warrior of the International Web capitalizing his letters and using such terms to describe me that they forget that they are actually speaking against them. But I do know where to draw the line in the sand, whereas some can take it to extreme extents and bully others.

If my point in this article is unclear, then I will flat out spoon feed it to you – do not be a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, aggressively trolling… troublemaker. Both online and in real life. And if you are a little PC angel with a halo on your head and an invisible pain of wings – do not get get very upset by these individuals. Their existence will probably not be eradicated, as some people just enjoy annoying others. Perfection in social justice still has a long way to go….