ODA Prom- A Night To Remember

ODA Prom- A Night To Remember

Chloe Ruppert, Staff Writer

Last weekend was very eventful for the members of the Junior and Senior class!

This is because the students had their spring prom– one of the most anticipated school functions of the year.

The social coordinator, Anne Keen planned an amazing “masquerade ball”, which included a fire eater, and featured one of the most well-known DJ’s in Tampa, Randy Johnson, who’s DJ name is “Xplicid”.

“I chose the masquerade theme because I sent out a survey to the students and it was the most popular theme idea. Planning prom was a lot at times and definitely got frustrating, but it was worth it. Mr. Newhams and Mr. Brewer were always there to help when I needed them”, says Junior and Social Coordinator Anne Keen.

Following the dance, students had the option to go to the After Prom. The After Prom was organized by Mr. Brewer, and will definitely go down in ODA history. The event included many games, a hypnotist, and multiple raffles, which included a hover board, concert/sporting tickets, an iWatch, and a Tiffany bracelet. So if having an amazing time with your friends wasn’t incentive enough, you got a really good opportunity to win some really cool stuff as well.

One of the most exciting aspects of prom, at least from a girl’s perspective, is the prom preparation. Girls, including myself, spend lots of  time finding their dress, makeup, and hairstyles to add to the perfect night.

However, both the girls and the guys cleaned up very well for the occasion!

Carling Landeche, Nam Hoang, Michael Donato, Mccabe Ballance, and Todd Humphrey.


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Bella Lee-Schwartz, Kayla Sawyer, Chayse Kessous, and Denisse Descamps


Ben Martin, Gia Ciccone, Libby Grimond, and Ian Martin.


Nam Hoang, Carling Landeche, Anne Keen, Michael Donato, Kate Patrice, Kevin Deems, Imola Csendes, Mcabe Ballance


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Sam Hajduk, Serenna Jones, Chase Johnson, Sarah Beth Wheeler, Graham Devitt, Gianna DeRamo, and Evalee Mason.


Hailey Schlotthauer and Alex Turner.


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Kolbie Ward and Emily Dixon.


Jordan Bruder, Cooper Newlin, Caitlyn Duffy, Joey Coco, Lauren Reddington, Jon Eichenbaum, Peyton Vaughn, Luke Luria, Miller Condrack, Owen Han, Ben Martin, Gia Ciccone, Libby Grimond, and Ian Martin.


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Lacey Eaden, Tess Siciliano, Sophia Gardinier, Greta Holland, Emily Dixon