Are You Alive?

Are You Alive?

Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

“Are you tired?”

“You look sick are you sure you’re ok?”

Usually as a girl who wears makeup almost everyday, these are the questions I get when I don’t wear it. This definitely makes me feel like I need to wear at least a little makeup everyday just so that people think I’m awake, or alive.

It’s people’s opinions to wear makeup, or to have a naked face. Nothing is wrong with wearing makeup to most people, but some disagree.

“I think women shouldn’t wear makeup. I feel like it should be equal for men and women. Men wake up natural and women have the option to put makeup on,” says junior Nick Dimare.

“I think makeup is a good way to make people look more presentable,” says Junior Lacey Eaden.

Not wearing any makeup would definitely be cheaper! Buying makeup can be expensive, which is a downside to wearing it. When you just want to get two things, and they end up costing around eighty dollars.

I use a foundation by Nars, not everyday only when I’m going to dinner, or dances. The foundation called “Nars Sheer Glow” is $45.00. I use a powder from Mac, “Mac Studio Fix” that costs $30.00. Also I use a mascara by Tarte, “Gifted” that is $21.00.

Once you decide you want to wear make up and then you actually acquire the makeup you want to wear, you have to learn how to wear it. Opinions about how to wear it vary wildly.

I have no clue where I picked up on how to do my makeup. I always loved messing around with it and as I got older I would watch my sister do hers.

Most can watch videos, or have older siblings show them how to do their makeup. Some people are never interested to learn and ask how girls even learned to do their makeup like that.

There is nothing wrong with a person wearing makeup, if that is how the are happy then really it should not bother other people.

Although it does people always have their own opinions, and there is nothing wrong with that.

“I think when someone wears a lot they become fake, and aren’t their natural self. You might as well wear a mask. Wearing a little bit, at least you still appear to others as your natural self but also satisfy yourself in the way you want to look,” said junior Kolbie Ward.

Everyone has different opinions about makeup, if they like to wear it or if they hate it. For me at times I can hate it, but I still wear it to avoid the question of whether I’m alive or not.

If you are interested in learning how to do makeup a few good You Tubers are; Evon Wahab who got a million views in three weeks, Viva_Glam_Kay has two million views, GlamBoothTv has 33 million views.