Taking a Peek into your Lunchbox


Misha Fazlutdinov, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what is inside your classmates’ lunch boxes, or asked yourself “what do I bring for advisory snack”? Well this article can help you in choosing foods, and will tell you where you can get them. On this image, you can see spaghetti with meat that a student brought from home, and a Builders bar, which you can actually buy in school, in the Commons.


Chicken is a great choice for both advisory snack and lunch. Many people feel that Publix fried chicken is the best in town. Plus, it can be kept in the fridge for some time, so you can save some for later if your advisory does not finish it all.









Naked Juice is a tasty drink that you can get in the Commons. It costs $3. It comes in different flavors, and all of them are made out of real fruit.

The sandwich costs $2.50. You can get it in the Commons as well. It is made out of a soft croissant bun and is filled with a meat patty, melted cheese, and eggs. It is a perfect breakfast choice if you did not have any before school!










This tasty cinnamon bun was brought from home by sophomore Marius Bschorer. His sister made it. Yes, it’s slightly burned, but on the inside it is very soft. Though some might argue they’re unhealthy, cinnamon buns can be a good choice for advisory snack.








Pictured on this photo is General Tso’s chicken with some spring rolls. Chinese food is a great choice for lunch, and it comes with a variety of choice, as you have so many foods available:  peppers & beef, spicy pork, egg rolls, fried donuts, steamed rice, breaded shrimp, teriyaki beef, Mongolian pork, etc.






Peanuts are a great snack, but please remember that some people have allergies, and the reason most foods are banned in classrooms is because of those allergies. Peanuts are the most dangerous ones, however, and while chips or sandwiches can be fine inside classrooms, bags of peanuts are not advised. You can buy peanuts in the Commons. Proceed with caution.



Some people choose  to get school lunch instead of bringing their own. This day’s special, the chicken pot pie, served with a roll and fruits. School lunches are good meals that you can get in the Commons for $5.








Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a nationwide favorite for school lunches. You can buy this in the Commons as well, but be careful, as peanut allergies are a problem.














Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Although the hungry advisory already ate most of the cupcakes, they still look good all by themselves on this tray. Coming in all shapes and colors, you can actually buy cupcakes in the Commons for $2. Just be sure to get there quickly, as they are very popular and the cafeteria might run out of them before you have time to eat any!