After School Snacking At ODA


Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer; Analytics Editor

You get home from a long day at school, and what is the first thing you do? For most students, the answer is eat.

We all know the incredible after school snacks that Brett provides in the vending machines and in the Commons from ice cream to chips or even edamame, but what about those students who don’t eat their “fourth meal” at school.

The after school snack, sometimes more like a meal, is an important eating time for teens. On a school schedule,  many people find that they must eat something at around 3:30 to 4:00.

Some students have some very unique after school snacks.

“I like to eat potato chips after school. I really love chips.  I like fruit and vegetables too. People may think that I am a rabbit. They are my favorites,” says junior Amber Bond.

“I like to eat Cape Cod chips, girl scout cookies, and Doritos. I like to drink Coke,” says senior Alexa Kess.

“I eat “spooey” (pretzels dipped in icing),” says junior Chayse Kessous.

“I like to eat chicken meatballs and asparagus,” says junior Bella Schwartz.

“I like to get meatball sandwiches from Wawa,” says senior, Madeline Naylor.

Others like to keep it simple.

“I eat Cheez-its,”  says sophomore Cole Chalub.

“I enjoy eating fruit, specifically mango with cereal,” says junior, Charles Hayes.

Other students don’t have time for a snack because of sports practice.

“I don’t have enough time for an after school snack because I have sports practices, and I don’t have time ‘fo dat,'” says both senior Sierra Dickerson and junior Carling Landeche in unison.

Mrs. Murphy, a mother at ODA, comments that she just stocks the pantry and her kids just eat whatever.

Whether you have time for a snack or not, you can always choose from the selection of snacks available in the Commons.

“Yogurt, peanut butter crackers, Vitamin Water (the Lemon Squeeze kind), YooHoo. Those are things I like from the vending machine.”