Thunder Cup Events Make a Second Semester Return

Chloe Ruppert, Staff Writer

The first week back at school after mid-winter break can be tough for many Out-of-Door students. With the idea of sleeping in and no school work still fresh in our minds, no one wants to get back to a work-filled school schedule.

In order to get the ODA community excited about school starting again, Mr. Brewer has organized Thunder Cup events for each day of the week. The order of events is as following:

Monday: Connect Four

Objective: Connect four is a two player game. The objective of the game is to get four of the same colored chips in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. You can block your opponent from doing so by putting your color chip beside theirs, thus blocking the line. This game is similar to tic tac toe.


The seniors, led by Bam Han took the victory!


“Yeah I won. Gotta represent!”, exclaims Han.

The points for the event were as following:

  • Freshman: 15 points
  • Sophomores: 10 points
  • Juniors: 5 points
  • Seniors: 25 points


Tuesday: None. (Seniors leave for lunch).

Wednesday: “Break the Ice”


“I’m actually kind of sad that this event was cancelled. I was going to volunteer for my grade and win”, says Junior Tess Siciliano.

Thursday: Marshmallow Toss

Objective: the marshmallow toss is an event where four representatives from each grade compete against each other, with the objective being that the person who throws the most amount of marshmallows in the water container wins.


The Sophomore take the win!


The points for the event were as following:

  • Freshmen: 5 points
  • Sophomores: 25 points
  • Juniors: 10 points
  • Seniors: 15 points


Friday: “Sumo Wrestling” relay

On Friday night, don’t forget to go to the Varsity boys and girls Lacrosse game, at home against Mooney. Breakfast and an open mike night will be held afterwards.

Go Thunder!