Caucuses and Primaries… Huh?

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Marisa Bregg, Staff Writer

You may have seen the title of this article and wondered… what in the world is a “caucus?”

“I think it is a kind of cactus. Like a cactus just with a silent “t” said in a British accent,” says senior Bianca Guidotti.

“I think it is a bone in front of your pelvis,” says senior Liz Gauhkman.

As defined by Wikipedia, a “caucus” is a “meeting of supporters or members of a specific political party or movement.” It can also be used as a verb meaning …

Every state has either a caucus or a regular primary. When there is a caucus, the event is run by the political parties themselves. Many people meet at many community buildings like schools or churches. At these buildings, they listen to the candidates and vote on who they like best.

At a primary, in some states, only registered voters under the political party can vote. For a primary, the voting process happens in secret.

The states New Hampshire and Iowa were chosen for the caucus because they were chosen first, and every state has either a caucus or a primary.

You may be wondering, how can this “caucus” have meaning in your life.

“After watching the caucus, I think that Donald Trump is an idiot. It was informative because it shows how close the candidates are in the race,” says junior Bella Schwartz.

After Iowa, came New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump won the caucus. This means that they get some amount of delegates, which is what they need to become a candidate for their respective parties.

Whoever gets the most delegates gets to go to the primary. A primary is a “a preliminary election to appoint delegates to a party conference or to select the candidates for a principal, especially presidential, election” (Wikipedia).

It is good to stay educated about politics, so keep up with the debates. One day soon, you too will have the chance to weigh in about who should be the next President.