Students Taste Secret Ingredients

Maria Ross

Maria Ross, Staff Writer

Laugh along with us as we watch three ODA juniors unknowingly taste different substances from our cafe. At the end of each mystery liquid watch them guess what they just consumed. Their reactions are priceless!

Here is how Brett uses these substances in the kitchen.

Browning Agent: This is actually a food ingredient made of caramel color and a vegetable base. Brett uses it to darken gravy.

Water Chestnut Water: Water chestnuts are a classic ingredient in Asian cooking. These are the little crunchy white things about the size of a quarter. Brett uses them in stir fry.

Fish Sauce: Fish sauce offers an “umami” bang, a flavor effect that offers a complex taste profile. Some use it instead of salt because of the depth it can add to flavors without making the food taste like fish. Brett uses this in pasta salads.

Lemon Extract: You know those hot, moist muffins that are demolished by the end of break? Brett uses lemon extract in them to liven up the flavor.

Jalapeño Juice: Jalapeños are often times used in salads.

Mineral Oil (Laxative): Dont worry, this isn’t an ingredient used in your food. Brett actually uses it as a lubricant for kitchen appliances such as the slicer.

Blue Agave Syrup: Some people believe that blue agave syrup is a healthier alternative than suer. Brett uses it when baking cookies, brownies and muffins.