Swinging Swaffles with SWAs

Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

It’s a Tuesday morning and you get to school and realize you really need help with your English paper. How can it possibly be fixed? Then you realize that you can make an appointment with a SWA in the Writing Lab, and also get a “swaffle” while doing it.

The Writing Lab is not only great for students getting help on their work, but also because it gives us the opportunity to have free food, which everyone loves.

On Tuesday, February 9, at ODA the SWAs hosted swaffles with SWAs at lunch.

The SWAs, student writing assistants, thought it would be a good idea to promote the Writing Lab, by making “swaffles.” Swaffles are strawberry waffles, which SWAs and Mrs. Betz prepared for students.

“People aren’t coming into the Writing Lab and booking appointments as much as we would like. In order to force them to we made them waffles,” said junior Chloe Ruppert.

The swaffles are definitely a great idea to get more people to go in for appointments with SWAs. People were lining up with lots of excitement to get a swaffle.

To get a swaffle, you had to visit the SWAs, and they showed the student how to book an appointment. After the session, the SWAs gave students a slip, and students handed it to another SWA. Then the student waited for their swaffle.

“I thought it was a really clever idea and the swaffles were tasty. I think it is a great idea to get more appointments booked,” said junior Lacey Eaden.FotorCreatedThe turnout for people getting swaffles was great. There were 63 people who came and visited the Writing Lab, and there were even a few appointments made.

“I was a little nervous about how it would go at first. We were a little low on our strawberry supply, but it went great,” said English teacher Stefanie Betz.

The swaffles made lunch great, and really helped to get people more involved with the Writing Lab. Going in and talking to the SWA was very helpful to learn how to make an appointment– super easy!

If you are sad it is over, don’t worry there will be another event, except this time not swaffles.

“We are going to be doing another event with chips and “swalsa” for cinco de mayo,” added Stefanie Betz.