The Internet Closes Tomorrow


Emily Dixon, Staff Writer

Before most teenagers even get out of bed, they’ve heard iTunes wake them, they’ve checked Facebook, scrolled through Twitter to see what was posted in the night, and they’ve texted a classmate about homework.

Once out of bed, a teen might take a call from a parent reminding him of an appointment, “liked” an Instagram post from a cousin who lives across the country, and submitted an English paper to meet an 8:00 a.m. deadline.

Without realising it the internet has become such an important part of our lives that sometimes we don’t even realize we are using it.

What would life be without it? What would you do without the internet?

Thinking about it the question seems like one that no one ever wants to think about. It’s easy to say to a friend I wish the internet didn’t exist, but when you think about it we are almost always using it.

On a normal school day students and teachers use their computers in just about every class. Most of our tests, quizzes, and homework are online. So would we really make it through life without internet?

“In some ways in an English class we would be ok, but we are constantly using the internet to look things up that we read,” says English teacher Stefanie Betz.

“I think life would be boring without internet, because we are so used to it and born into it. We don’t really know otherwise,” said junior Sophia Gardiner.

For most people the question is hard, because when have we really had to think about losing internet? Except for when your wifi goes out at home for a day, or the data on your phone is reached and you can’t go over the limit.

“I would go through all of my favorite shopping websites and buy all of the stuff I have saved in my carts. Then I would take a nap,” said junior Greta Holland.

“If I were to lose all internet tomorrow I would probably send all the snapchats, post all the pictures, and tweet all the tweets I could. Then get a bunch of board games, cards, and cry,” said junior Kolbie Ward.

Most people use internet a lot, especially on a school day since our whole school revolves around technology. When the wifi goes out for 30 minutes everyone just seems lost and out of place, confused on what to do since we have no way to get on the internet.

“I use the internet like every twenty minutes, maybe every 45 minutes.” said Junior Joey Runge.

“I am very happy with the internet. I think it enables us to be more connected with each other because the internet brings us all closer together,” said junior Anthony Varga.
Do you agree? Is the internet something you wouldn’t be able to live without? Leave your comment below.