How Students Tackle Super Bowl Sunday


Rachael Kramer, Staff Writer

What do you think of when you hear the word “Sunday?” What may come to mind is boring, lazy, or a day filled with homework you set aside all weekend.

Well, this Sunday is much different than any other. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, for some it’s arguably the best Sunday of the year. But what actually makes this day the “best Sunday of the year?”

“Every year, my family hosts a huge party for all their friends. They go all out,” says senior Miller Condrack.

“I love watching football. This year, there are no teams I care about, but I’m still excited to go out and have a good time,” says senior Lauren Redington.

Although some students are ecstatic for this upcoming Sunday, others have a different opinion.

“I don’t do anything. I really couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl. Is it this Sunday?” says senior Dana Saltz.

If you happen to fall into the category of students who don’t care about the Super Bowl, by sophomore year, you may have cared about it way more than you thought you would.

Ms. Beeman promises if the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, she will not give out homework for an entire week.

Last year, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. The class of 2017 got lucky.

“It’s real. We actually didn’t have homework for a whole week! It was the best week of my life,” says junior Caitlyn Camire.

Other faculty, besides Ms. Beeman, are very into the Super Bowl for the sole reason because it is the Super Bowl.

“I love the Super Bowl. Even if my team isn’t in it, I still love watching it because it is the last game of the season, the half time show is fun to watch, and all the excitement. Of course, it would be better if my team was playing,” says Mrs. Dowdy.

Which team do you think will win this year’s Super Bowl?

Will it be the Denver Broncos…or the Carolina Panthers?

Reply who you think will win!