Dead Turkeys Bring Gratitude


Thanksgiving is right around the corner. School is almost out and many people are going away for the week long break. When thinking of Thanksgiving many automatically think about the grand feast with friends and families. This is the time when many families meet up and make great food together or spend quality time watching the very long Thanksgiving.

Sophomore, Zach Wells doesn’t plan on going anywhere this Thanksgiving but plans on having tons of fun watching a football game and cooking with his family. Zach looks froward to making and eating his very famous Jiffy mix corn bread. He also likes to help make broccoli casserole and potato casserole. These two casserole dishes that Zach makes every year at Thanksgiving are special because of the way he cooks them.

“It’s very Southern to put cream of mushroom soup into a casserole dish.” On Thanksgiving this year Zach will be giving thanks to many things including his friends, family, and health.

Junior, Chayse Kessous, says that she also will be spending Thanksgiving here in Florida but she is excited for one of her very best friends to visit her. Two of her favorite dishes would absolutely have to be turkey and mashed potatoes. She recounts that “no one makes turkey and mashed potatoes like my mother does.” This year Chayse will be giving thanks for her many family and friends and says that she would know what she’d do without them supporting her.

Freshman Kylie Cassis says that she is going to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving break. This traveling has become a tradition for her family for the last few years. She is especially excited to be having turkey and sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top, even though she doesn’t care for sweet potatoes all that much.

Another junior Ethnan Flake, says that he is going away to Colorado as he has done for many years with his family. As well as eating all the regular Thanksgiving foods, another yearly tradition is going to one of the brew houses with his family. During his vacation in Colorado, he also plans to go snowboarding. This Thanksgiving he gives thanks to many things including freedom.

Finally, faculty member, Miss. Mandel, does not plan on going anywhere this Thanksgiving but is spending time with her husband and kids at home.

While Miss. Mandel’s family will be having untraditional roast beef instead of turkey this year, Miss. Mandel will be indulging in a very traditional¬†green bean casserole.

“If anyone wants to make a great green bean casserole you should get my recipe,” says Mandel.

So whether on this Thanksgiving you’re watching a football game with family, spending time with one of your friends, or tasting that delicious green bean casserole, have a happy Thanksgiving.