Wait So… What Do I Wear?

It’s finally that time of year again! Dressed up students, cheering at the big football game, dancing with your best friends. You know what I’m talking about, it’s homecoming week!

Monday – Jeep Push

Tuesday – Mathletes Versus Athletes

Wednesday – Mattress Race

Thursday – Disney Day

Friday – Convocation/Pep Rally

Here is some information to help you get through this upcoming week!

Jeep Push – Two males and one female from each grade push a jeep in the ODA parking lot. The team with the fastest time wins!

Mathletes versus Athletes  Dress up as either a player from your favorite sports team or put on some glasses and suspenders and be a nerd!

Mattress Race – Join us around the quad as two females and three males from each grade run around carrying a student on a mattress.

Disney Day – Put on some Mickey Mouse ears and dress as your favorite character from either a Disney movie or show!

Convocation – This day is one of the most memorable days of the year. It’s the day where we honor the seniors as they move up towards college. Dress in ODA blue (navy blue) and get ready for a morning of songs, gifts, and lots of smiles!

Reminder: Do not wear anything too tight/too loose, no cleavage/midriff, no leggings, no spandex, no spaghetti straps.