Hard Shoes to Fill

Hard Shoes to Fill

Over the past four years, a tight-knit bond has been built between the senior class members. The rising seniors are challenged to fill the shoes of a multi-talented and well-rounded class. We are sad to see our seniors go, but we are happy to see them move on to bigger and better endeavors.

The seniors left an impression on our school community as a whole. As we take the time to reflect on their impact, a handful of students have taken the time to comment on the senior class.

According to sophomore Emily Dixon, “Everyone in the senior class is really close, and they all seem to be friends. They are a really good model for the behavior of the other grade levels.

Junior Robbie Kramer says, “The senior class seems like they closely bonded as a grade.”

Recognizing this need for the class to bond, ODA has planned future school events to enhance build and grow friendships as a school community. The rising juniors look forward to Senior Retreat later next year.

Another thing that made this senior class great, is the range of talent. Ranging from community involvement to sports excellence, the senior class  stood out to the underclassmen.

“The senior class seems to be well rounded, as they are either super athletic or artistically talented. Everyone seems to be well-rounded and multi-talented,” says freshman McKinleigh Rutledge.

Junior Joey Coco states, “They know how to have fun and still be leaders and role models for our underclassman.”

History has shown that the senior class has won Thundercup consecutively for the past three years. Thundercup events have been held to take a break from the classroom, compete against other grade levels and to just have fun overall. Through this achievement, the senior class has continually shown school spirit.

Junior Sydney Avery says,  “the seniors have shown such school spirit.”

As the juniors step up to attempt to fill their shoes, this summer the junior class will transition into the leaders of the school will bond over the last events we have as high school students. The emotional year full of final school events will bring our grade even closer. From commencement in the fall to graduation in the spring,  we anticipate  a year full of ups and downs as we go through the college process and discover what school we are attending in the fall of 2016.

As we say goodbye to our seniors as they complete their internships, we prepare ourselves for our new senior classmen in 2015. We  remember our departing seniors as well-rounded, having outstanding leadership ability, and with outstanding school spirit. Not only did  the seniors win wondercup for three consecutive years, they demonstrated enthusiasm being a part of the larger ODA community. As the upper campus has become noticeably quieter, we have filled the silence with fond memories of our seniors.