Preparing for Success

Rising senior Peyton Vaughn works through math in SAT prep book

Rising senior Peyton Vaughn works through math in SAT prep book

Loosing sleep over SAT? To prepare for success, it is very important that Juniors and Seniors know the basics of SAT preparation as we enter the summer months. Students must prepare to succeed. As school work subsides, make sure that you take the time to check out resources and strategies for success


Tutoring is a strategy that involves a one-on-one session that focuses on your unique strengths and weaknesses. Visit your college counselor to help find a perfect match for a SAT preparation tutor. On average, SAT students work an hour alone with the tutor.

“I have gained a lot of techniques to solve difficult questions that I wouldn’t have been able to tackle on my own,” says rising senior Libby Grimond.

During this time, students improve their weak areas by identifying the areas with practice tests, discussing weak areas, and looking  at past academic performance.

SAT Prep Books

SAT books preparation is an important step in identifying problem areas. The SAT book is a resource that you can tab, explore in detail, and practice at your own pace. Each strategy in the SAT preparation book is focused on particular test areas. Examples include critical thinking, reading, math, and writing sections. The language of the SAT is described and presented to the student in a clear manner which prepares the student for the day when the actual test takes place. Words that might be unfamilar are very familiar after using this preparation manual for the SAT.

Practice Tests

Taking practice tests can be beneficial in feeling comfortable in completing the test and understanding the format. Being aware of the length of time that you take in completing a SAT section is important feedback for improving performances in this area.

“When in the SAT prep class, Fundamentals of Math, we took practice tests and it allowed me to see where my performance was in the relation to other students,” says junior Peyton Vaughn.

Knowing that you have finished this area in the appropriate amount of time during a practice session is critical information, as you know that an area that you have the most difficulty worth will be one that you spend more time completing.

If you have any concerns or problems beyond the strategies above, be sure to use your close friends and acquaintances to help get your over last minute questions or concerns. Most importantly, take advantage of the extra time this summer to get ready for success on the SAT.