Raising girls and…eyebrows

Raising girls and...eyebrows

Every girl goes through the eyebrow stage. I’m not talking about the time in one’s life when your eyebrows look amazing and maintained, but exactly the opposite. It’s the stage where you were just introduced to a pair of tweezers and go a little overboard with the whole plucking process.

In my eighth grade year my “eyebrows” were basically thin lines above my eyes. I was in a committed relationship with my tweezers, and it got to the point where my mom tried to control my problem by hiding them whenever she got the chance.

To this day, I look back on these pictures of myself and wonder how in the world no one told me how bad they looked. But then I remember that instead of  my mom getting mad at me for grades, or attitude, most fights were revolved around the current condition of my eyebrows. Every fight ended the same way, with my thirteen year old self screaming “STOP MOM YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME,” and storming off, pouting about how “misunderstood” I was, and how ridiculous she was being.

To this day, I still get the same I told you so when those dark days are brought up.

Three years later I have recovered, now having normal looking eyebrows, but still feel pretty embarrassed.

In efforts to see what other people think about the importance of eyebrows, I went around school and asked for opinions on the topic of eyebrows in the student body.

“I don’t care what people’s eyebrows look like at all, I do care about my own eyebrows though. I tweeze them like once a month” says sophomore Andrew Berg.

“I mean I don’t really notice other people’s eyebrows, it’s not like the first or even the fifth thing I see. I really don’t care about my own eyebrows either,” explains junior Jon Eichenbaum.

“Yeah I do care about them. I pluck them probably once a week and fill them in everyday for school. I don’t notice other peoples eyebrows unless they look like twigs or bushes. It also bugs me when girls eyebrows look like upside down U’s,” says sophomore Hailey Schlotthauer.

“Yeah, I care about other people’s eyebrows. If they’re massive, I’m definitely going to notice that. I don’t really need to do my eyebrows they’re already naturally perfect,” says confident sophomore Chris Robinson.

“Eyebrows make or break your face but I’m too cheap to get them waxed or whatever. But I do tweeze my boyfriend Christian’s eyebrows,” explains sophomore Emma Young.

Next time you see a girl with nice eyebrows, remember all the plucking, coloring in, waxing, and time that went into making them perfect. Sometimes a small thing, like eyebrows takes a lot of effort, including many thin, patchy, misshaped along the way.