The Deer Street Boys Return

In last Wednesday’s Ovation, Coach Brewer once again announced the arrival of the 9th Thunderpalooza talent show, but this announcement wasn’t the usual. T. Brewer also announced the returning of the legendary Deer Street Boys. Composed of five members of the ODA faculty, the boy band performed for years at the talent show, before the band fell dismembered at the departure of one of the members, Jamie Rubens. With the absence of the boy band from the talent show for almost four years, it was due for comeback.

Jamie Rubens will not be returning this year to the boy band, but a replacement will be appointed, yet who, is still unknown. The other four members of the Deer Street Boys are none other than our very own, Tim Brewer, Ken Sommers, Sean Ball, and Mike Newhams. Although the song choice of this years performance is also unknown, with those artists together, the show is bound to be spectacular- maybe a little funny as well.

In order to once again spike the interests of the students to attend, Coach Brewer also showed the student body a clip from one year’s performance from the Deer Street Boys. It looked to be enough to make anyone attend as almost every student had a smile one their face and were overcome with laughter-the good kind of course- but look again and one could see Ken Sommers among the crowd, singing along to his old tune. Although excited to be in it again, he wouldn’t share any details about what the act would entail. The only way to know now is to experience this return of the Deer Street Boys for ourselves!

The 9th Thunderpalooza will be held in the Petrik Thunderdome on May 16th and 17th at 7PM. Having anything from singing to acting to juggling, this show of talent will be worth the watch! Come out and join parents and students as they admire the talents of our ODA community.