New Play Casting Underway

Recently, students have been signing up for the play that’s due to premier sometime next year in March. I was a little confused myself about why students were signing up for it so early. Lucky for me, I found out why.

“It’s really fun. It’s a way to become someone else, like a great expression of emotion and you get to portray someone else that you usually wouldn’t see in everyday life. Being in a play or musical is a lot of work but it’s worth it in the end, and it’s a great way to meet other students that you wouldn’t normally communicate with, you make a lot of new friends,” says sophomore Amber Bond, cast member from The Wiz.

ODA students who would like to be in the play next year are supposed to sign up in the spring, so that students new to ODA can audition in the fall next year. Basically it’s giving new and old students a fair chance of getting picked for the play. Nervous about trying out in a new place, some say getting involved in drama can be a great way to connect with others.

“It was my first year in a musical and I was nervous, but it was a lot of fun. Also it was really time consuming, but I met a lot of new people in the process,” says sophomore Annabelle Candlish, cast member from the Wiz.

So if you are a student attending ODA currently and are interested in performing in the play next year, you better get a move on auditioning.

The sign-up forms are on a table outside of Mrs. Evans office in the Arts Building and apparently the audition process is pretty easy! All you need to do is take one of the sign-up forms and fill it out. It will ask you if you have any experience in any plays previously, whether at ODA or a different school; but don’t worry It’s okay if you don’t. Next it will ask you if you can sing or dance and if you prefer musicals or plays.

The next step is to actually audition. Usually you will be asked to read a monologue of your choice and then you will be asked to sing to test your vocal abilities. Sometimes Mrs. Evans will ask you to perform a blind reading where you will have to read the section without knowing where the piece is from. Besides Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Hoff and either Dr. Zitani or Mr. Miller, will be attending the audition also.

So now you know all you should need to start your audition process! If you have any more questions you can talk to the Head of the Art Department, Mrs. Evans.

Hope to see you on stage next year!!