Earning those Hours

With finals in less than two weeks, many students are too busy with schoolwork and studying to even have time to think about how to complete their community service hours. Needed in order to receive your final year grades, community service hours are something students are reminded about daily. Many, however, fail to earn them until the end of the year.

Lucky for all you procrastinators on a mad dash to get hours, there are still opportunities to get your hours before the year is at its close.

Nates Honor Animal Rescue is a dog and cat rescue center where volunteers are greatly needed to care for these animals. If you go to their website you will see an area where you can fill out their volunteer application. If you are 16 or over, you should be able to volunteer no problem. But if you are under 16, you need to have a parent accompany you throughout your service.

If animals aren’t your thing, that’s totally okay because The Miracle League Spring Season has just started. If you would enjoy helping children with disabilities play baseball, this is a wonderful opportunity. Their spring season has already started but will go until May 16th. It’s on Saturdays and if you’re interested in signing up, or just have more questions about it, you can contact ODA senior Jimmy Kuebler.

Most students know that recording their hours is easy using the school’s system, called Seholo. Many don’t know, however, that Seholo is not working right now.

Seholo is where you will submit your hours, most students already have an account as we have used this database in the past. If you have any questions regarding your account or if you’re having any trouble with your account, you can contact Patrick Miller, he will get you squared away in no time.

Remember that community service isn’t something you should stress about, at the end of the day it should make you feel better for your role In helping to make our community better. Get those hours in!