How do ODA Students Jam?

While what kind of car you drive might show a sense of your aesthetics or what access to money is, what you do INSIDE your car is what really speaks volumes about your personality. As you might suspect, ODA students listen to an array of music, and this week students shared what it is that they jam to.

Serenna Jones, junior: I listen to all kinds of music, recently I have been listening to a lot of 90s music and I have been listening to Jimmy buffet since I was a kid and I think that shows how versatileĀ I am and always changing.

Lacey Eden, sophomore : “I Listen to pop and rap music. We party hard in the car.”

Brad Hansel, sophomore: I don’t have a car but I listen to love Sosa. It’s a gift to our planet earth. Because I’m from the hard streets of Compton.

Maggie McGarahan, senior: I listen to a lot of One direction because I love Nile.

Will Harwell, junior: I like to listen to rappers from Chicago. Got fit some Fallout Boy and other punk rock in there too… and every once in a while… Got get some Phantom of the Opera playin.