What’s the Hold Up with College Decisions?


As the school year slowly begins to wind down for most students, the seniors’ year will come to a screeching halt in just a couple of weeks.

In two weeks, seniors will be fleeing the ODA nest to begin their internships. But more importantly, in just two weeks, seniors must finally make the important decision of where to attend college in the fall.

Some students have known where they will be going to college since November or December due to early decision and early action, which allows students to hear back from their colleges sooner than the regular date. However, the majority of students applied to schools for regular decision, which means that they just heard back from all of their schools on April 1st.

So, since all the acceptances have come in, students now take on the task of deciding their path for the next four years.

“I think everyone makes the decisions by factoring in everything. It’s all about feeling, [for example] how the campus feels,” says one senior, who still has not decided on a college, and who would like to remain anonymous.

When asked what specifically goes into the decision of where to attend, senior Bianca Tengerdy said, “the campus feel, proximity to home, social atmosphere, and class sizes.”

Tengerdy will be attending Florida Gulf Coast University in the fall.

“For many students who haven’t decided now, its about deciding between programs,” said College Counselor Jacob Harding.

Harding continued saying, “finance are a big reason why people wait until last minute. For some families that is the deciding factor.”

“I think this is something that people talk about as something in the future, but its becoming more of a reality lately. I think people become uncertain and apprehensive about moving away because that means leaving their comfort zone,” say senior Olivia White.

White will be attending Furman University in the fall.

Another reason why students still haven’t committed to a college is because they may have been waitlisted at a school, and therefore will not hear back with a final decision until July.

“A lot of kids are trying to get a gage of where they are on the wait list,” said Harding.

For most students, “It will be all about a feeling,” continued Harding.

Many students, when the get onto a campus get a vibe. At some campuses, the vibe is warm and welcoming, but at others, it can just be awkward and wrong. It is important for students to take that feeling into account when making the college decision, because this could be the place where one spends their next four year.

Everyday, more and more students are making the decision of where to attend, which is both exciting and nerve racking. Students who are still deciding, are narrowing it down everyday.

The seniors as a whole are excited about starting the next chapter of their lives, but it is still sad and scary to be leaving home and ODA.