Students Procure Progress on Prom


Prom countdown: one month!

With prom so close on the horizon, it has come down to the final crunch- the final preparations.

Some girls are very prepared for this big day with their dress, hair, makeup, and date all in line. This article is for the girls, like myself, who are not so on top of things.

So let’s start with the dress. Popular places for girls to get their dresses have been UTC’s Saks and Bradenton’s Rusty Crickett. Rusty Crickett is great because they have a policy where they only sell one dress to school, so the worry of having the same dress as another girl from that store is out of the question. Saks on the other hand has a very wide selection to choose from.

“We picked out dresses, then stood in the front window for Family Beautiful magazine. It was so much fun, and the store really has beautiful dresses,” says senior Reanna Gregory.

The second part to the prom trifecta is hair. For prom, many girls wear their hair up so they won’t take the focus away from their dresses. To find inspiration for hair up or hair down, Pinterest has millions of different hair designs, and you might find yourself browsing for hours.

The third and final part would be the makeup. MAC, a makeup store in the mall specializes in prom looks, and appointments are already filling up fast. It is pretty safe to say that a lot of girls do not lack in the makeup skill department, so having a friend do your makeup is not a bad alternative.

The part that distinguishes prom from other dances would definitely be the “promposals.” What are promposals you may ask? Promposals are the act of being asked to prom in very big, public ways.

“I think it’s sweet and thoughtful. It shows how much you care,” says junior Kosta Mallarias.

“I think it’s kind of cute, but at the same time time it’s like is that really necessary for prom? It’s cute but not necessary,” says junior Luke Luria.

Whether you go to prom with a date or with your friends, the important part is that you enjoy yourself. Prom isn’t about going on a manhunt for a date or feeling pressured to go with someone. It’s about having a good time with the people that mean most to you.

Honestly, for some nothing sounds better than going to a dance with best friends and having a care-free, drama-free night.