Spirit Day is Coming on Thursday

Spirit Day is Coming on Thursday

Spirit Day will be here on Thursday April 2nd. Get excited!

Spirit Day is a day when the whole school comes together to play games; Students are divided into two teams: white and blue in each grade. The day consists of three events: morning events, afternoon events and the relay.

The teams are Blue A, Blue B, White A, and White B. The A’s and B’s switch off from morning to afternoon events after lunch. At the end of the day the seniors (blue vs white) and eighth graders (blue vs white) participate in a relay.

This year there have been a few changes with the events; The school took out kickball and may be adding a new game called Mining.

“I think Spirit Day is fun because it’s the last day before spring break and there is no stress. It’s just games and you come together as a school,” says sophomore Tess Siciliano.

“Since this is my first year I’m looking forward to spirit day,” says sophomore Savannah Alario.

“It’s fun for all of us to be together and do fun stuff with friends,” says junior Kosta Malliaras.

Schedule for the Day

7:45 am:  Everyone should be either on the walkway from the parking lot to the footbridge or on the track behind the scoreboard.

9:00 am:  Morning games begin.

11:10 am: Lunch

12:00 pm:  Reassemble for afternoon events.

1:25 pm:  Move all students to stadium for Obstacle Courses.

2:00 pm:  Dismissal

Game Descriptions

Bucket Brigade

Rules: Teams form a line between 2 large cans, one filled with water, the other empty. On “go” they will fill a bucket from one can and past it down the line with the last person pouring it into the empty can. The empty bucket is pasted back down the line to be refilled…repeat. The team that transfers the most water in the allotted time is the winner.

Egg Toss

Rules: Players will pair up with a teammate. One will stand on the painted line, the other behind the rope line. On the judge’s signal, players will toss the egg to their partner and then the egg is tossed back. A broken egg removes a pair from the game. Successful pairs will be moved further apart until there is only one pair remaining.

Fire Ball

Rules: Start game with a jump ball. Teams move the ball by passing and shooting at goal. The ball must be passed from a boy to a girl and from a girl to a boy. While moving with the ball, players are allowed no steps. Teams can shoot at either goal. Shots on goal must come from outside the arc. If a shot is not caught by the opposing team, a point is scored. Shots must rebound outside the arc to count. Defenders play like basketball. No contact.

 Wiffle Ball

Rules: Max 3 pitches. The team at bat will supply their own pitcher. Each batter gets only 3 pitches. If they do not hit, they are out. Three outs per side. All other baseball rules apply.

Team Handball

Rules: Start game with a jump ball. Teams move the ball by passing or dribbling down field and shooting at goal. While moving with the ball, players are allowed 3 steps and 3 dribbles before passing or shooting.The ball must be passed from a boy to a girl and from a girl to a boy.Shots on goal must come from outside the arc. Defenders play like basketball. No contact.

Frisbee Toss

Rules: One player from each team will stand in the painted circle, holding a hula hoop above her head. The rest of the team will stand behind a line approximately 30 feet away. Each team member will throw the frisbee and try to make it through the hoop.  Player holding the hoop may move it from side to side, but can not step outside the painted circle. The thrower becomes the next holder and the holder retrieves the Frisbee and runs it back to the next thrower. First team to 25 wins.

Capture the Flag

Rules: The flag starts in an end box. If an opposing player gets to the box, they have 5 seconds to move out or go to jail. To score the flag must be moved from the free zone all the way back to the attackers side of field without the belt being pulled.  It may be passed from player to player.If the flag is pulled or you fall down you must go to jail.Players in jail can be freed by tagging hands with a free player.  Once free they must return to their side before attempting to get flag. Time of play is limited to 15 minutes.

Object Relay

Rules: Teams split in half and line up behind a cone.  There will be two blue teams and two white teams. The 1st team member takes an object and moves forward as far as they wish and tosses the object to the second person in line. Upon catching the object that person must advance past the first player and toss it to player 1.  Player 1 turns and tosses back to the next player in line.  Repeat until all players have touched the object and the object is across the finish line.  All players run back to start line and choose a second object. If an object falls, all players and that object must be restarted. Both teams must finish first to win. It is possible that one white/blue team first but also finish last.  In that case the 2nd /3rd  place team wins.


Rules: Teams start with “x” number of players in the opposing team’s jail. By throwing balls over the opposing team and having their teammates make a successful catch, the jailed player is set free to return to their team.The first team with all players free is the winner. Play best of ? to fill the 15 minutes.

Musical Dots

Rules: When the music starts all players start walking clockwise around the court.When the music stops everyone must stand on a dot (musical chairs style). The player without a dot is eliminated. Repeat until only one player remains.

 Broom Hockey

Rules: Start game with a face-off. Teams move the ball by passing or dribbling down court and shooting at goal. It’s hockey with brooms. Defenders play like basketball. NO CONTACT.

Golf ball Relay

Rules: Teams form two lines. Each team has 2 ping pong paddles.  The 1st and 2nd players in line have the paddles. A golf ball is placed on the paddle of player number 1.  That player navigates a course balancing the golf ball on the paddle, then returns and must pass the ball to the next player. Repeat! If the ball drops to the ground, that player must start over. First team to finish all players wins.


Rules: Played like dodge ball with a softball on top of a cone at either end of the court.Eliminate opposing players by; hitting them with a ball or by catching their thrown ball.If the softball is knocked off the cone, all players are back in for the throwing team.Win by eliminating all opposing players OR knock off the softball 3 times. Play best of ?  Whatever takes up 15 minutes.

 Ice Block Relay

Rules: Teams line up behind a cooler. The 1st team member opens the cooler takes out ice block and runs the course. Upon returning he/she hands the block to the next person who then runs the course. Repeat until all players have run twice.