The Sacred Senior Sends Shutters

The Sacred Senior Sends Shutters

From the quad to primo parking spaces, special senior shirts, and getting away with some dress code infractions, ODA seniors enjoy special privileges and authority like no one else. While nice for seniors, that authority raises fear in some of the underclassman. Walking down the halls, underclassmen are well aware of the hierarchy that the seniors hold. They basically run the school.

The seniors even have special ODA real estate. The quad was given to the seniors a few years back as present from the headmaster. Be forewarned, for if you step foot on the quad, expect a few screams from some angry seniors, or even a tackle.

“I thought it would be funny to run across the quad, but Oliver Tannheiser, senior, decided it would be funny to tackle me. Even though his tackle wasn’t all that successful, I guess you could say I learned my lesson…,” says sophomore Christian McCarthy.

“I get that they are older than the rest of the high schoolers, but they exclude us. I feel as if they aren’t a part of the ODA because they only talk to their other senior friends,” says sophomore Nick Dimare.

Seniors have a different perspective.

“Some kids here are afraid of us because we seem intimidating but really we aren’t. We used to be underclassmen too. We understand what it feels like,” explains senior Austin Hoppe.

While some seniors shared that they felt underclassmen are “just annoying” and others said that it’s their “last year here and we want to enjoy our privileges.”

On the other hand some seniors said that underclassmen “need to understand that it is their time to shine and to respect that.”

Many agree that seniors can be intimidating, but they are students just like the rest of the 11th, 10th and 9th graders. No matter what, every student here will be a senior at one point in high school.