Mr. Militzer is Not Looking Back

Mr. Militzer is Not Looking Back

Physics teacher Mr. Militzer began teaching at ODA just this year. We wondered how his year’s been and took some time to connect with him this week.

Q: Where are you from?

A: Growing up, my mom was a elementary school teacher, so I was socially involved. I had some great teachers that made a difference in my life, not all science.  I had great English and history teachers. Going into college, I had no idea what my career interests were but then teaching just came naturally to me.

Q: What drew you to the Out-of-Door Academy?

A: Born and raised in Wisconsin, I was never a winter person when it came to weather. I never participated in winter stuff such as skiing, I was always drawn to warmer climates. My wife and I wanted to relocate south, so one day my wife said, “let’s go for it and make the big move.” When I looked at schools in the South, ODA was one of the schools that popped up. Right after chopping four inches of ice off my driveway, I said to myself- no more hibernation. Soon after, a couple weeks later, the job posting came up. The timing was perfect and I was lucky the job came available.

Q: What is your favorite extra-curricular activity?

A: My wife started calling me a “Craniac” because of my new-found interest in Sandhill cranes. I have never been a bird watcher, but now I’ll swerve right off the road. Since I have been down here, I have come to identify 20 new birds. Up north, you only get to see robins, here you see four foot tall birds. I’m really enjoying all wild life Florida has to offer.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A: I obviously hope to still be here at ODA. I’d like to see growth in the science programs, such as the Science Olympiad. I look forward to seeing how the new Stem Center builds and develops. I can’t wait to see science department grow with the  addition of the Stem Center.