They’re Talking About You

It has come to that time of the school year where we have spring conferences. To some, conferences are an exciting time to pick out your courses for the following school year. To others, conferences are 20 minutes of pure torture being judged by your parents about your not-so -good grades.

When senior Austin Hoppe was asked if he feels nervous about conferences, his response was, “I’m not. I don’t have meetings. That just sucks for the underclassmen.”

“Wait, we have meetings tomorrow?”, says befuddled sophomore Joey Runge.

“You’re gonna have to pay me for a quote,” sophomore Nick Dimare boasts.

“I’m not nervous for them. I know my grades and so does my mom, so there’s no surprises there. I’m just excited to fill out my schedule,” says sophomore Hayden Kennelly. 

“Nah, I’m good. I don’t really get nervous about anything,” says confident freshman Ian Martin.

“Yes, I’m really nervous. My grades were not honor roll material to say the least,” says sophomore Jake Flanders.

“I’m not nervous. I don’t go to conferences,” says Sasha Brun-Wibaux.

“I’m not nervous about my grades exactly, just about what classes I’ll be expected to enroll in next year,” sophomore Emma Young states.

With lots of students having many different opinions in mind, just remember that no matter what goes down in your conference tomorrow, it will be okay. Picking out classes is supposed to be fun and exciting, and if you’ve already come clean to your parents about any questionable grades, everything will be okay.