Caffeine-Cultivated Scholars


You are tired. You are just done with school. “How do you handle late nights and early mornings” is the question.  With ODA’s rigor at an all time high students are dealing with more stress. A way to cope with the stress and be able to stay up and get your work done: caffeine.

Many students depend on caffeine to help them to stay awake in early morning classes and to help them keep themselves up until ungodly hours of the night to finish those essays they left until last minute.

With early morning comes over-tired cranky teenagers. In a January 11th, 2013 article in the UK Daily Mail, Oxford professor Russell Foster says, “Making teens start school in the morning is ‘cruel.’ He goes on to state that teenagers’ brains do not start fully functioning until after 10 a.m. He also explains making teenagers show up to school in the morning could result in more errors, poor memory, reduced motivation and depression.

With Starbucks just around the corner from ODA, many students get their quick fix from caffeine in  sugar-filled Starbucks drinks which many claim helps them recover from their long nights of studying and early morning chaos.

“I depend on coffee in the morning. In fact I need it in the morning. I barely get any sleep because I have so much work. Caffeine is always there to just pick me back up again the next morning,” explains sophomore Chloe Ruppert.

“Early mornings require lots of caffeine to function. I like to stick to tea because coffee is worse for you,” offers Oliver Tannheiser, senior.

Does ODA have a caffeine problem you ask? Peyton Vaughn, junior explains that she genuinely can’t come to school or focus without her daily coffee.

Let’s bring science into this for a minute. Here’s a shocker. Caffeine does not actually give you a temporary energy buzz; it actually just makes your brain think you are less tired than you actually are. Mind control? Maybe.

The side effects that caffeine have are worse than just the crash. The effects range from upset stomach and dehydration to increased heart rate. Many caffeine drinks also contain empty calories, calories that have no nutritional value. Kids who fill up on them don’t get the proper vitamins and minerals they need to help develop.

So ODA students, it is your call to remain sleep-deprived teenagers or risk your health with the caffeine drug. Although early mornings are rough, school is important.