Blended Courses Benefit Students


This year, ODA is continuing with new, unique blended courses that are similar to college courses. These courses typically meet fewer than four days a week with the unmet time being time for independent work. The benefit of the blend is that students are able to work independently while having some guidance from an instructor. There are some other learning opportunities such as field trips and partner work, but the majority of the work is the responsibility of the student.

“We get to meet with the teachers so we can ask them question and have discussion, but there are some days where we don’t meet and I get free time. I love how I have that flexibility. I am taking Perspectives on War,” says sophomore Chayse Keysseous.

“I think that it is good because it allows you to have some free time,” says sophomore Jessica Young.

Even teachers of the courses are looking forward to beginning their blend journey.

“I’m doing two blended courses. One is Finding Florida and the other one is Global Leadership. I think the blend allows flexibility and learning to take place in a variety of different environments. It allows students to better pursue their own passions,” says Mr. Sommers.

Students love the blend idea so much that they even have trouble picking just one course to enroll in.

“I disagree with the fact that we are only allowed to take one blended course a semester because there are two courses I currently want to take,” says sophomore Anne Keen.

Administration has been careful to help students balance their time and currently feel that one blended at a time is the best policy.

If you are interested, sign up for a blended course. You won’t regret it.