Elections Rising on the Horizon

It’s about that time of year when Student Council elections start to roll around again, and although most details of this process  are well-known to most students at ODA, the basic who, what, when, where, why, and how still remain unknown to some.

Student Council is a group of students who act as the voice of the students, and through leadership they try and make ODA a better place. The current positions up for grabs are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

Student Council unifies the student body and gets us involved in not only our school, but our community. Along side with Mr. Brewer, the people in Student Council are responsible for organizing many after school activities, such as Dodgeball Night, Howl-o-Scream, Breakfast Night, and more. To run for office you do not have to have any past experience of being a part of Student Council.

“I was asked to be involved in a meeting with Ms. Evans, Mr. Brewer, and Mr. Newhams, and they sort of gave me a mini-interview and asked me why I am fit to run for student council and what I will do to make this school a better place,” recalls sophomore Kiarra Womack, a current student council representative.

What do students want in a representative?

“Someone who’s involved, and has a lot of enthusiasm for what they’re doing, you know? That want to get other people involve,” says sophomore Carling Landeche. 

“Keeping to your word, setting goals, and actually accomplishing them; a person that I would feel comfortable trusting,” sophomore Charles Hayes adds.

The first part of the election process is advertising. Before speeches take place, a lot of posters will start appearing around school to get the word out for the candidates who are running.

Next, speeches will take place for grades 9-11 in the Thunderdome. The date for speeches is still undecided. After everyone who wants to run gives their speech, students will cast their votes.

In the next couple of weeks, think about what you look for in a leader, whether it’s school spirit, drive, focus or maybe you just want someone who knows how to have fun.

Remember: Leaders can only be as good as the people who elect them.