College Process Kicks Off for Juniors

College Process Kicks Off for Juniors

It’s that time of the year again! Time for juniors stress levels to rise and the long process of applying to colleges to begin.

The class of 2016 had their two college seminars with the ODA College Counseling office where they discussed brag sheets, Naviance, and Common App questionnaires designed to help colleges in their selection process. As Juniors begin to work on essays and fill out the Common App, some are becoming overwhelmed by the work.

From now until the second semester of senior year, colleges are consuming their minds. Whether they are at school, at home, on vacation, or even sleeping, from now until second semester senior year, Juniors will be thinking about colleges.

“I am stressed,” said Junior Peyton Vaughn.

“I am so overwhelmed,” says Junior Wendy Tan.

Even if Juniors are stressed now, Mr. Harding says that it is good to start early. Most of students applications will be submitted by this October if they stay on track with the college game plan.

“I am not as stressed out as I was, because I am on the last deadline. I have the entire summer to do work such as the SAT and editing essays. I can focus on that without having the stress of school,” says Alexa Kess.

Keep on moving, Juniors! You got this!