Students Enjoy Mid Winter Break

Get excited. If you were unaware, we have school off next week. Unlike any other school, we get to take off and for some, go skiing.

ODA students are doing many fun things over break from college touring to going and exploring the snow. Some of them shared their plans with The Bolt.

“We are taking the cook wagon to Charleston,” says Joey Coco. Ask him how it went and what a “cook wagon” is!

“If I can laugh, if I can think, if I can cry, that will be a heck of a break,” says Mr. Sommers.

“I am going on a road trip with Anthony and my family. I am so excited to sleep a lot also,” says Liz Gaukhman.

“I am going to Hawaii without Liz,” says Dana Saltz.

“I plan to just wake up at six in the morning everyday, watching Japanese cartoons until 11 p.m then go to bed and do it all over again,” says senior Dennys Pelegrin.

“I am probably going to just stay home for the week. I might go to Universal or Orlando,” says Alex Seftas.

“Since most schools are open, I plan to do things that won’t be crowded because most students will be in school like go to the beach. I am also going to do the three R’s: Rest, relaxation, and recuperation,” says Mr. Bernsen.

“I am going to Costa Rica with my dad. I am excited because we are going to the rainforest, ” says junior Miller Condrack.

If you don’t have plans for break, take some of these ideas into consideration so that you are not bored. Whatever you end up doing, have a great time off and just try to relax.