ODA Students Volunteer at the Circus


A few weeks ago, the famous tight-rope walker/daredevil Nik Walenda came to the ODA upper school campus to reach out to students who would like to help out the circus.

Currently Nik Walenda is performing with Circus Sarasota by balancing on a wire. Since Wallenda spoke with students, many volunteered at the shows to help guide guests to their seats and also work behind the scenes.

“It was a great opportunity. It was fun to because you get to watch the circus while working. Bonus, I got to meet Nik and his troop and that was pretty cool,” says  sophomore Carling Landeche.

The students from ODA who have volunteered have truly enjoyed their experience working with the circus.

“It was really fun and a unique experience, and I also got to watch the circus which was cool,” says Alexa Debartolo.

If you are interested in volunteering for Circus Sarasota, you may be disappointed to learn that the show is now over. But don’t despair. More opportunities with the circus are on the horizon. In March they will stage Cirque du Voix, a show that includes an orchestra, a large chorus, and several circus acts.

Later in the year, the Sailor Circus will need technical support. If that’s interesting to you, you might be able to help. Ms. Giraud will be sharing more information about those opportunities soon.

“I love the circus. It’s my favorite place.  I would love to volunteer with the circus,” says junior, Liz Gauhkman.

Don’t wait any longer to start your connection with the circus.