Global Citizens Fund Loans with Dress Down Day


This week’s Ovation was one in which you might not have wanted to zone out. With the help of an ODA club, you had the chance to help peoples lives from across the world by simply donating five dollars, and, of course, dressing down.

The Global Citizens Club has been working very hard on their latest project, exploring microfinance through a company called Kiva. The group will use money raised from Friday’s dress down day for loans to help people from different countries who are trying to start, support, or expand their own businesses. These people are not asking for gifts of money, but rather loans so that they can get the help they need to rise out of poverty. From stocking cosmetics to starting grocery stores to training horses, these entrepreneurs need our help.

This past Friday, the Global Citizens club sponsored a five dollar dress down day, where students will be able to choose where to donate your money. There will be five buckets set up, each for a different entrepreneur.

Because the Kiva project is a loan, the money will eventually be returned to the ODA Global Citizens, where they then will re-loan it to more people.

Engaging in the stories of others around the world while we are in school going through daily routines of school, sports, homework, and sleep, can prevent us from forgetting about the world around us. Microfinance is a nice way to give back to people around the world.

Though the club still hadn’t tallied the results of the dress down day at the time this article was published, inside sources say the day was a success.