The ODA Community Wishes and Hopes in the New Year

The ODA Community Wishes and Hopes in the New Year

Have you ever wanted to let something out that you have been holding in? Have you ever tried writing it down? It usually helps.

In late November, when Turkey Bowl was supposed to take place, Mrs. Lloyd asked each student to write a wish or a hope for the new year down on a colored streamer. The different colors represent different themes. Red is confidence, pink is love, green is freedom, yellow if health, blue is enjoyment, and purple is balance.

Ms. Lloyd calls the piece, “The Wishing ‘O.'” The ‘O’ shape represents ODA. The idea was inspired by the lit up lanterns that were hanging in the trees at Selby Gardens during the holidays.

Ms. Lloyd explained the idea saying, “I really wanted to do something that could capture people’s independent thoughts. I thought it would be nice to have a thought or a wish about this year [2014] ending and the new year beginning.”

While talking about New Year’s resolutions, Ms. Lloyd said that there is, “too much pressure and expectation in that.”

Ms. Lloyd continued to talk about the purpose of the Wishing ‘O’ saying, “A wish means hope and everyone could use a little hope in the new year. It was mainly a minute to pause. To be able to do that quickly and have an independent thought and have it come together as one big thing it really cool.”

Senior Jordan Towsley commented on the piece of art saying, “It’s beautiful. I think it is a great example of unity at the school. I think it’s great how each member of the community got a chance to contribute to the project.”

An ODA teacher, who has asked to be kept anonymous said, while talking about how the art work fits into the ODA community, “Hope is alive and well and energized within a community of caring.”

After each person wrote down their hope or wish, it was tied onto a circular cage. The piece of artwork is now hanging in the Arts Building for all to see and read. It is a constant reminder to students and teachers that their wishes and hopes for the New Year are still alive and thriving.