The life of señora Chait…


Do you like to travel? Have you ever been to Hong Kong? How about Mainland China?

Are you an artsy person? Do you like to paint? What about draw? If you could, would you earn an arts degree?

Do your hobbies include food, family, and fun?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you may have more in common with Mrs. Chait then you might think…

Often times, we don’t recognize our teachers; so, in the spirit of the holiday spirit season, and in the most important time of the year for college counseling, we at the ODA Bolt would like recognize one of the most important people on campus Mrs. Chait.

Most know her as apart of the college concealing office, but there is much more to her then meets the eye.

Kim Chait graduated Buffalo State College with a degree in Business Administration before returning to her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she earned her Associate in Science degree. From there, she worked as a Product Development Engineer for Fisher Price for 17 years (Yes, the same awesome toy company that brings you all the latest toys for children). After her husband’s company moved to Sarasota, Florida, she too wanted a taste of the Florida weather.

Mrs. Chait began working for the Out of Door Academy in 2007 as a part of the administration. However, her interest in college counseling and college admissions came about as her daughters came through the curriculum at ODA. In 2012, Mrs. Chait assumed a new role as a college concealing specialist assisting with Naviance, Bright Futures, and Communications within the college concealing office.

Mrs. Chait has proven herself to be an integral part of ODA. If you have never met her, take the time to stop by the college counseling office and say hi.