The Faculty Embraces the Season of Giving


The season of giving is upon us and students are not the only ones who are thinking about giving and receiving.

Many may not know that the faculty cultivate their own “Secret Santa” where names are drawn out of a hat, and each faculty member (who decides to participate) will give gifts to the name they draw.

Often “Secret Santa” events take place at one time when a group of people gather together, however, the faculty Secret Santa lasts for three weeks. Once each faculty member knows the name of his or her colleague they will be giving to, they are asked to spend no more than $5 on gifts for the first two weeks, and  place them in the selected teacher’s mailbox. They may spend the money however they like, giving the other teacher a gift a day or just one $5 gift.

During the last week of the Secret Santa the teachers are asked to give their secret pal a $25 gift. The faculty gather to have holiday appetizers and reveal their identity by giving their last gift.

In yet another way the faculty show their love for each other is the annual Faculty Nosh. This is where each department is assigned to provide food throughout a given day, during the last week of school before Christmas Break. Nosh was originally intended for the teachers to have comfort foods while trudging through grading mid-term exams.

Although there are no mid-terms this year, the teachers will continue with their tradition while the season of giving continues.

Stay tuned for next weeks news on students embracing the season of giving!