Walk For a Cause and Clean For a Dream


What is community service? Is it the act of helping those in need? Or the act of community?

Actually it’s both…

There are many interpretations of community service but the general idea remains the same. Community service is the act of providing aid (service) to the surrounding area (local community).

This weekend the Out of Door Academy participated in two very distinct yet opportunistic social and community service events.

The first was the annual Sarasota Area AIDS Walk. The AIDS walk benefits Trinity Charities, whose goal is to increase the support for people living with AIDS/HIV.

“Thankfully HIV/AIDS is not the death sentence it was in the 80’s but it is still a serious threat to many. That’s why events like the AIDS walk are so critical to raise money so that people with the disease can get help and awareness and prevention programs can be funded. I am so excited to have taken part in such an event,” says Ms. Frye.

The second was the 8th grade car wash. The event was set to take place this Sunday outside of Lee Roy Selmon’s and will support Invisible Children’s Legacy Scholarship program that provides scholarships for Ugandan kids to go to secondary school and college.

“The National Junior Honors Society wanted to do something to support Invisible Children’s 90 for 90 effort in the Upper School. So they wanted to organize a fundraiser. And the fundraiser that they organized to help us raise the last little money we are trying to raise was a car wash. They talked to Lee Roy Selmon’s and got permission. Kathy Dozier, along with the National Honors Society kids, collected the supplies and hoped that Upper School kids would help them in this last big push for the Legacy Scholarship”, say Mrs. Giraud.

If you were unable to attend, you certainly missed out. Stay on the lookout for more opportunities like these.