Mr. Lemieux Seizes the World


Ever wander into the “Misty Mountains” and see a very influential, inspiring man? Well, that is Mr. Lemieux.

“He is the best teacher ever! He is so genuine nice and he always puts his students before himself,” says Bianca Guidotti.

Mr. Lemieux came to ODA after teaching up North in boarding schools. After teaching for 11 years, he transitioned to working in the business field as a tech writer for four years until his son, Ryan, died of cardiac arrest.

After a year of contemplating what to do, Mr. Lemieux and his wife decided to move onto the next chapter of their lives and moved south and he decided the time was right to transition back to teaching.

When asked about how he feels about his job at ODA, Mr. Lemieux fills with joy.

“I love my job because I love working with kids, teaching literature, and helping students become better writers and more confident students. I love teaching them that literature has connections in their lives and can help them with whatever career they decide to pursue,” says Lemieux.

Other than working at ODA, Mr. Lemieux narrowed down the three most important things that he has ever done in his life…”Raising a confident son, teaching my students education occurs in and out of the classroom, and honoring the vows (friendship and marriage) that he began 26 years ago.”

In his free time he loves to read literature, write poetry, listen to music (he has over 10,000 hours of music), travel, play with his dogs, jog,watch movies, hike, and explore new foods and wine. As a literature teachers’ favorite books can often change, Mr. Lemieux could only say his favorite books at the time of the question are currently Possession, A Prayer for Owen Meany,¬† and Ulysses.

However, it is not Mr. Lemieux’s hobbies that make him so special, rather his enduring ability to overcome life’s biggest challenges. In 2008, after coaching at ODA and creating the football team, he died from a cardiac arrest. That’s right. Technically Mr. Lemieux died. Luckily, Mr. Lemieux was at his cardiologist when he had the attack. Thanks to his doctor and an emergency heart stimulator called a “crash cart” which worked on the second try, Mr. Lemieux was revived.

After surviving such a traumatic experiences, Mr. Lemieux has gained important perspective on life.

“I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore like traffic jams, weather, or even traffic. I know there are bigger things in life like family, love, and friendship. Those are the things that truly matter,” reflects Mr. Lemieux.

His positive spirit is what makes Mr. Lemieux not only an incredible person, but a fabulous teacher. He goes beyond the classroom, and cares about his students’ success in their personal lives.

ODA is lucky to count this exceptional teacher as one its own.