Do we have a playwright in our midst?


In class, almost everyday, many of you have the opportunity to sit next to the cast and crew of the play. Well, this week is your chance to support a fantastic group of people. It is the start of the fall production of the play “As She Likes It” an adaptation of “As You Like It.” It is an original play originally created by Shakespeare but adapted into a high school drama by our very own L’Tanya Evans, Dean of Academics.

“The play is wonderful and I love the way Shakespeare wrote it, that is why I choose it.  I did modify and re-arrange some of it so as to fit in with the setting and characters, but, for the most part, the play is strictly Shakespeare’s. And the language no doubt is his as well. All in all, I am happy with the turnout of the production and am so proud of all the cast and crew”, says Ms. Evans.

“The play was incredible. I highly recommend people go watch. It is so worth it! And the best part it is totally free. The amount of effort each character had to put into the show memorizing their lines and making sure was tremendous. The play was really entertaining, and Alex Seftas didn’t fail to make everyone laugh numerous times. But most prominently, the show highlighted gender roles, specifically those of women, in the 1960’s,” says senior Lisa Hoffman.

If you did not get a chance to see the play you certainly missed out! Don’t miss the next play production, Into the Woods.