Curious About Quiet Time

Question: I love the people at ODA, but sometimes I need to find a quiet spot to be alone and work (or relax). Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: There are many places around campus that a great for quiet working, or just relaxing. Finding a teacher’s room that is empty during your free period is like finding a pot of gold! Most teachers won’t mind you being in there, but just check with them as a courtesy. If you have a free period, you can still go to the library during the study hall and just sit in the back and relax. With the nice weather coming, sitting on a bench outside is probably the most relaxing and peaceful place to get work done, or just chill. Maybe bring a blanket on the colder days and drink some hot chocolate. I know that a lot of places are noisy and busy, but I hope this all helps. Let me know if none of these work, and I can try and think of some more!