Love: As She Likes It Comes to ODA

Love: As She Likes It Comes to ODA

Some students in the Arts Department have been working hard on an adaptation of a Shakespearean play: Love: As She Likes It. The play takes place in 1969, during a modern feminist time period. The play is sort of a comedic twist on the movement. The story portrays girl who falls in love with a woman who dresses as a man. The conflict is centered around that mistaken identity.

“My character is a sassy person and is kind of  snobby. [My character] criticizes some things in the play, but [she] does say some very clever things. Her name is Touchstone,” says sophomore, Helena Beltrau.

“My character is Amiens. She is more laid back and tries to help everyone, because it can get a bit hectic out in the woods. She sings a lot in the play,” says sophomore Roshona Banks.

“My character is Corin. The play is the classic Shakespearean comedy,” says sophomore Caitlin Camire.

The play has many exciting moments. Don’t miss it.