A night of theater…

Seniors acting in the play
PC: Cammy Harris
Seniors acting in the play

Imagine the lights shinning in your face and the audience staring at you expecting the performance of your life. You have been acting all your life and this is the moment you have been waiting for. The food is ready, the audience has taken their seats, and the spotlight is on you. The success of the play rests in your hands. What would you do?

For a select group of seniors that had been the case for the last 2 months. They had been practicing and rehearsing to make sure their senior play was a success. Directed by senior Cammy Harris, Look Closer: A night of theater, was a dinner theater composed of five 10min plays each having their own story line.

Senior Ben Edelman says, “Cammy’s play was the most ambitious senior play I have seen since attending this school. The acting was incredible, and the staging and direction was very unique and served the play very well. I loved the balance of the plays themes – going between “laugh-out-loud” funny moments to very thoughtful and serious segments – with perfect and seamless ease. The deserts were also extremely tasty.”

The play had complete senior involvement, from those working the lights to the actors in the play. The seniors involved included: Noah Blumenthal, Morgan Woods, Nick Pearce, Emma Henson, Matthew Leonard, Christine Turner, Oliver Tannheiser, and Taylor Albano.

Director of the play, Cammy Harris says, “I am so #blessed to work with such an amazing cast. I cannot thank them enough.”

The show truly was spectacular. If you were unable to attend, you missed out on a fantastic performance. However they play was recorded and there is a video you can purchase. Be sure to catch the upcoming the fall middle school and upper school plays. They are sure to impress.