Students STEM Innovation for New Building


Can you imagine sipping on a hot coffee in a bean bag while overlooking the beautiful lake at the back of campus? Well your imagination might just become reality!

The new STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) building will consist of a student center, a place for students to study and hangout throughout the day as well a second floor consisting of math, science, and  technology classrooms. As the construction of the building is in process, Head of School, Mr. Mahler has asked the student body to formulate ideas about what to put in the student center.

“Couches. I want couches,” says junior, Liz Gaukhman.

Also a junior, Miller Condrack says, “I don’t think they should have the high top tables. They’re good for the Arts Building but not so much for the new building. They should have square tables with four or so comfortable chairs around each one. Also I want hammocks, like the ones that hang from the ceiling, those would be cool and something new.”

Liz also thinks that “Bean bags would be a good idea. They’re nice and comfortable.”

“There could be a serious work space with cubicle style work spaces and then a comfier hangout place,” adds Libby Grimond. “That way you have an option to work privately in the student center without begin disturbed. We could have cubicles similar to ones in college libraries where there’s a rolling white board or plain board that substitutes as a wall where you can block off a table or space for yourself or group work.”

“They shouldn’t have the floors be carpeted because they get gross and stained. Or if they have tile or wood floors they should put rugs that are fun colors.”

“We should also have our own color printer and copy machine. That way we don’t have to trek to the Arts Building or library. We should definitely be allowed to use headphones in the Student Center.”

Liz Gaukman also suggested for there to be “Café style food with baked goods breakfast sandwiches,” adds Libby.

As the state-of-the-art STEM building shoots out of the ground, students are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas for what they would like to put see in their up-and-coming Student Center. If you have any suggestions, communicate them to your teachers or advisors to be passed on to Mr. Mahler.