ODA Brings Service to the School

ODA Brings Service to the School

ODA has always been involved in community service, but on Wednesday, October 29, we’re bringing it straight to the Thunder Dome. Organizations from all around Sarasota will be joining Upper School students during ovation for a community service fair. It’s taken an outstanding amount of planning, but the fair hopes to be a successful step in a larger path towards service.

Mr. Miller, who is the main force behind Wednesday, teamed up with teachers such as Ms. Walsh and Ms. Giraud to make the fair possible. They have selected a variety of organizations to come to the school, which specialize in nature, health, education, animals, etc. Just a few that will be attending the fair are Miracle League, 16 Hands Horse Sanctuary, Suncoast Community Blood Bank, Visible Men Academy, and Southeastern Guide Dogs. Some of these groups were actually included because many students already work with them outside of the school.

“I’ve been involved with Southeastern Guide Dogs for 3 and a half years. My mom and I have raised 3 dogs and we now host a breeder dog while we continue to raise others. I’m really excited that they’re coming to the fair. I don’t know if they’re bringing dogs with them, but I would imagine they are. i know my mom will be there Karma, the dog we are raising right now,” says senior Sarah Karp.

Other groups were recommendations from people outside of school, and when they were contacted, they showed a large of enthusiasm to be a part of the fair.

As this is the first community service fair the school has ever hosted, student-run booths for organizations will not be allowed. For now, outside organizations are a great start.

The teachers heading this project have voiced that, if the first one is as successful as it’s hoped to be, there will be more to come. Ideally, community service fairs at school will become a regular thing, meaning once or twice a semester.

“It’s a great chance for the groups in town to learn about what ODA has to offer, student wise, and for us to get a better idea of whats out there,” says Mr. Miller.

The end goal is for these fairs to be one step towards a larger path, like a whole day that the Upper School can dedicate to community service. This could happen by the end of this year, or early next year.

From what we know so far, the fair seems nothing but promising. It will raise awareness of service, while giving students the opportunity to get involved in things they are passionate about.