Halloween Traditions Enhance ODA

Halloween Traditions Enhance ODA

It’s almost Halloween. What does that mean besides masses of candy? Every year, students love the thrill of getting candy from random people. At ODA, a student tradition is wear costumes on Halloween while going to classes. It is a fun way to add some celebration to the school day. Some students add to the day in other ways as well. Typically Student Council takes the lead on these other activities.

“They have big blowups all around the school, which are all Halloween themed,” says senior Oliver Tannheiser.

But some wonder if there might be more to be that should be done to enhance the day.  One year, for example, students put out a bowl of candy near the Quad.

“They should continue with the tradition of the Halloween dance, ” says sophomore, Caitlin Camire.

Other students, who are less into the holiday spirit, question the meaning of the holiday itself.

“I think Halloween is pointless. If you like candy and people I can see why you would like it, I guess,” says senior, Dennys Pelegrin.

This year, we look forward to another season of Halloween fun. You have one more weekend to get ready!