Cougar Crazies Go Crazy Against the Thunderheads

Student Section at Varsity Women’s Volleyball Game: “LET’S GO THUN-DER *Clap* *Clap* *clap clap clap.*

Cardinal Mooney Fans: “Get-a-new-cheer! *Clap* *Clap* *clap clap clap*

In case you didn’t know it, ODA an CM are rivals. In fact, it is unsure what exactly sparked the great sense of competition. Some say it was when ODA lost to Mooney in football in the last minutes of the game, losing 22-21. Some also say it was when there was conflict between two parents, one of ODA and one from Mooney, at a basketball game. We may never know, but what we do know for sure is that the rivalry does not seem to be settling any time soon.

As the competitiveness between Out-of-Door and Cardinal Mooney has risen over the past few weeks, the question coming up is, where is the rivalry? Is the rivalry between ODA and Mooney really between the athletic teams themselves?

The nature of rivalry is often sprouted from two teams with passionate students, determined for their school to win. As the Cardinal Mooney Cougars and the Out-of-Door Thunder go head to head in several sporting events, one of the most popular events that students attend is volleyball.

“The athletic teams respect each other on the court and have respectful relationships as fellow athletes, but the fans get very hyped and cheer more towards the opposing fans than in support of the girls on the court,” said senior spectator, Morgan Woods.

The atmosphere at the volleyball game was very intense and exhilarating as the ball was bumped and hit from one side to another. The opposing schools were not only competitive on the court, but in the stands. As the Cougars chanted loudly, the Thunder fans returned an even louder roar of cheer for the Lady Thunder.

ODA senior volleyball player, Reanna Gregory said, “I heard two cheers come from Mooney that were directed towards the girls on the other side of the net and the rest were towards our fans.”

ODA is not innocent in the rivalry. In fact, after the first volleyball game against Mooney, an ODA player Tweeted about the game noting that the fans had been #SODISRESPECTFUL.

At the recent game this Tweet came back to haunt ODA when Mooney fans held up posters that spelled out “#SODISRESPECTFUL.

The irony of the rivalry is that while there seems to be much beef between the fans, the players themselves get along quite well.

“It’s not really the teams that go head to head, it’s the fans that get really rowdy. People on our team are actually friends with girls on the other team,” says senior volleyball player, Olivia White.

As the Mooney vs ODA rivalry continues, the Out-of-Door Varsity football team will be competing against Mooney in the ODA Stadium Friday night under the lights! And while you’re there remember that ODA just won the Fred E. Rozelle Sportsmanship Award! Go Thunder!!