College Representatives Visit ODA


What would you do if you knew that someone from the school of your dreams was wandering our halls waiting to meet someone just like you?

Well, it turns out they are in fact walking our halls. These people carrying briefcases down our breezeway are the representatives who come from colleges to speak to our upperclassmen.

In case you haven’t noticed, our seniors are applying to colleges this semester. According to the College Counseling office, part of the process of deciding where to apply requires students to research information about the colleges they are applying to so that they know what school is the best fit for them.

Many colleges send an admissions representative to share information about the college with Juniors and Seniors. These visits offer an opportunity to discover things about colleges students that might not have been considering and ask questions to a live person from that place without visiting the campus. While there are only a select number of colleges that visit, there are plenty of well-known schools that many of our seniors are applying to.

Although some students are familiar with the school before the reps visit, they can also learn things that they may not have learned by taking the tour on campus. Sometimes, reps will even give seniors an insight to the admissions process to better their chance of acceptance.

For seniors, these visits are a crucial part of the decision process because they show demonstrated interest for the college which is something they value and will take into account when reviewing applications. Starting even as a sophomore, demonstrating interest in a college you really wish to attend, would not hurt.

“I find these meetings helpful and it is a convenient way to connect with the admissions officers from colleges I am applying to,” says senior Sam Emmons.

But the visits aren’t only useful for students. When these reps visit, they get a feel for ODA, and believe it or not, our college counselors interview them and ask them questions about their college as well.

Check in with the college counseling office to reserve a spot in a meeting for a college you curious about. For seniors, check your Naviance and underclassmen, check in with Mrs. Chait in the College Counseling office. The representatives look forward to speaking with you. Remember, “demonstrated interest is key!”


College Visits the Week of 10/14

Chapman University                   @ 12:00pm

Texas Christian University         @ 2:45pm

Washington College                     @ 1:45pm

Saint Michael’s College               @10:00am